Tom Stevenson

Director of Farm Operations

8/1/14 –current: Director of Farm Operations – National Pecan Company

1992-2014:  Involved in the ownership and/or management of farm properties and related business’ in Georgia and Texas comprised of approximately 5500 acres of pecans.


Owner; Orchard Management Services, LLC. (1998-2014)

Partner; South Georgia Hedging Company, LLC. (2013-2014)

President; National Pecan Grower’s Assoc. (2006-2008)

President; Southeastern Pecan Grower’s Assoc. (2005-2007)

Vice President; Southeastern Pecan Grower’s Assoc. (2003-2005)

Director; Southeastern Pecan Grower’s Assoc. (2001-2003)

Shareholder, Secretary/Treasurer; Schermer Pecans, Inc. (1998-2013)

Partner and Managing Member, Orchard Management Services, LLC (1998-2013)

Director; Southeastern Pecan Grower’s Assoc. (1997-1999)

Director and Treasurer; Georgia Pecan Grower’s Assoc. (1997-1999)

Managing Partner; SS&W Enterprises (1994-2006)

Shareholder, Director and Secretary/Treasurer; Flint River Pecans, Inc. (1996-2012)

Chairman; Gulf County, Fl.  Extension Service Advisory Committee (1985-1989)

Member; Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (1977-2003)

Member; Stonebridge Golf and Country Club (2007-present)

Member; St. Joseph’s Bay Country Club (1983-1989)

Member; Gulf County, Fl. Comprehensive Planning Committee (1988-1989)

Chairman; Gulf County, Fl. ASCS Committee (1989)

Member; Gulf County, Fl. ASCS Committee (1987-1988)

Supervisor; Tupelo Soil and Water Conservation District (1986-1989)

Vice Pres.; Florida Pecan Growers Assoc. (1988-1989)

Director; Florida Blueberry Growers Assoc. (1986-1989)

Director; Central Arizona Irrigation District (1979)

Shareholder; Red Rock Feeding Co., Inc. (1970-current)



Georgia Pecan Grower’s Assoc. = Lifetime Achievement Award = 2014

Southeastern Pecan Grower’s Association = Certificate of Merit 2013

Outstanding Presentation = Jimenez, Chihuahua, Mexico Grower’s Assoc.  2011

Southeastern Pecan Grower’s Association = Sustained Service Award 2010

Southeastern Pecan Grower’s Association = Appreciation for Industry Support 2006